Our Team

Trish Stephens

Trish has worked has a psychologist on the Central Coast for a number of years having had practices at West Gosford and at East Gosford. 

Prior to having her own practice, she worked as a teacher and School Psychologist with the Department of Education. 

She has had extensive experience in working with both adults and children on the autism spectrum and currently completes Autism and ADHD assessments for those who are looking to have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

 Trish recognised that there was little opportunity for adults with autism to meet socially where their sensory and special traits could be accommodated, hence she was interested in forming a group with the aim of providing this opportunity to meet others and form friendships.

Kathryn Tiffen

Kathryn has had a longstanding interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders and has extensive experience in social skills training. In 1985, Kathryn won an overseas study award to research the world’s biggest educational facility for students having Autism located in Toyoko. 

She has worked as a Senior Guidance Office and Specialist Councillor in Autism with the Department of Education and helped set up the policies and procedures to establish the CHAT team – Child Health Assessment Team with the Health Department. 

Kathryn has been in full-time private practice as a Clinical Psychologist since 2006 and has seen many teenagers and adults with Asperger’s Disorder. Due to her longstanding experience she has clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of young people and adults with high functioning autism. 

Kathryn has also recognised the need for those on the Autism Spectrum, especially girls, to have an opportunity to socialise in a friendly safe environment.